InVision StudioNEW UX Design

Book Info

  • Pages: TBD
  • Formats: PDF*
  • Author: Daniel Schwarz
  • Publish Date: Coming Soon

*This product is digital only.

Chapter List

  • Chapter 1: User Journeys
  • Chapter 2: Information Architecture
  • Chapter 3: Prototyping & Wireframing
  • Chapter 4: Heuristic Evaluations
  • Chapter 5: Usability Testing
  • Chapter 6: Card & Tree Sorting
  • Chapter 7: UX Writing
  • Chapter 8: Visual Hierarchy
  • Chapter 9: Interaction Design
  • Chapter 10: Typography
  • Chapter 11: Form Design
  • Chapter 12: Navigation Design
  • Chapter 13: eCommerce Design
  • Chapter 14: Dashboard Design

About the Book

Earlier this year, I wrote A Beginner’s Guide to Designing UX. In the book we had a brief chat about user needs, but in this book we’ll actually learn how to map user journeys and outline the functional requirements of a design — this ensures that we design the right thing (i.e. features that users need vs. features we think they need).

We also talked a fair bit about usability and accessibility in the theoretic sense, but in Mastering the Gritty Details of Advanced UX we’ll learn how to make more data-driven decisions about UX by designing sitemaps/the information architecture and wireframes, and conducting usability tests with real users to help validate mockups early and often.

We’ll also learn how to master UX writing, visual hierarchy, interaction design, and typography before moving onto form design, navigation design, eCommerce design, and dashboard design as we really start to dive deeper into the world of advanced UX.

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