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InVision Studio Keyboard Shortcuts for MacOS

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Supercharge your screen design workflow with InVision Studio keyboard shortcuts for MacOS.

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  • Keyboard shortcuts
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InVision Studio Keyboard Shortcuts

As a UX/UI designer, I’m sure you already know that forcing the user to interact too much is bad UX. Well, the same applies to designers when they’re designing — these InVision Studio keyboard shortcuts will help you design screens at lightning speed.



New ⌘N
Save ⌘S
Save As ⌘⇧S
Export (object) ⌘⇧E
Import (svg or sketch) ⌘⇧O


Smart Guides (show distance) alt
Edit (vectors or text values) return
Mask (requires two objects selected) ⌘⌃M


Artboard A
Text T
Oval O
Rectangle R
Round Rectangle U
Connection C
Pen Tool P
Insert Image I
Freehand ⌘⇧F
Component ⌘K
Duplicate Object ⌘D or ⌥drag


Paste Over ⌘⇧V
Paste & Replace ⌘⇧⌥V
Paste Image As Fill ⌥⌃V


Select All Objects ⌘A
Select All Artboards ⌘⇧A
Select Parent Object esc
Select Child Object return
Direct Select Object ⌘click
Multiple Select (via canvas) ⌘⇧
Multiple Select (via layer list) ⌘click
Select Object Below (in layer list) tab
Select Object Above (in layer list) ⇧tab


Nudge (1px) ↑→
Super Nudge (10px) ↑→←⇧


Increase Width ⌘→
Decrease Width ⌘←
Increase Height ⌘↓
Decrease Height ⌘↑

Add ⇧ to super resize.


Lock ⌘⇧L
Hide ⌘⇧H
Rename ⌘R
Group ⌘G
Ungroup ⌘⇧G
Move Forward ⌘⌥↑
Move Backward ⌘⌥↓
Move to Front ⌘⌥⌃↑
Move to Back ⌘⌥⌃↓


Copy Style ⌘⌥C
Paste Style ⌘⌥V
Reveal Color Picker ⌃C
Flip Horizontally ⇧H
Flip Vertically ⇧V
Rotate ⌘⇧R (or ⌘drag the corners)
Opacity 1, 2, 22, … (10%, 20%, 22%, …)


Bold ⌘B
Italic ⌘I
Underline ⌘U
Change Font ⌘T
Align Left ⌘⇧{
Align Right ⌘⇧}
Align Center ⌘⇧|
Increase Font Size ⌘⌥+
Decrease Font Size ⌘⌥-
Increase Character Spacing ⌥⌃L
Decrease Character Spacing ⌥⌃T


Preview Mode ⌘P
Return to Home ⌘R
Rotate Artboard ⌘⇧R


Zoom In ⌘+
Zoom Out ⌘-
Zoom to 100% ⌘0
Zoom to Fit Canvas ⌘1
Zoom to Selection ⌘2
Centre Selection ⌘3
Scroll Canvas space + scroll
Scroll Zoom ⌘ or ⌃ or Z (while scrolling)


Fullscreen Mode ⌘⌃F
Presentation Mode ⌘.
Toggle Documents ⌘~
Toggle Library ⌘L
Toggle Grid ⌃G
Toggle Rows ⌃R
Toggle Columns ⌃L
Toggle Pixels on Zoom ⌃P
Toggle Pixel Grid on Zoom ⌃X
Toggle Connections X
Toggle Layer List ⌘⌥1
Toggle Inspector ⌘⌥2
Hide Layers & Inspector ⌘⌥3

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Daniel Schwarz, author

Daniel Schwarz

Daniel Schwarz is a UX/UI designer, web developer, and maker by background, but a writer, editor, 5x author, and teacher at heart. Currently a design blog editor at SitePoint (ex Toptal), writer at .net Magazine and Web Designer Magazine, but occasionally a collaborator with top design companies such as Adobe and InVision.